Gig In Your Garden nomination details!

You'll  have heard this before - unless you're coming to us new, in which case hello, welcome and please read on! Gig In Your Garden is where WE bring Friday Night Flamenco round to YOUR place.

Feel free to nominate frontline and key workers or anyone you think who really deserves and would enjoy us playing (and live streaming it) in their garden! Tell us briefly what they do, the area they live in and why they're so special too. You can do so by emailing us here.

For all those who have already nominated people, those nominations will be carried over for future weeks. In an ideal world, we'd love to play in all of your gardens but let's see how we get on!

GIYG winners (or GIYGees) are announced every Monday. Deadline for nominations is midday (UK time) every Sunday.

Please continuing share this far and wide to anyone who might be interested.

A reminder of our house/garden rules:
  1. You must have a garden!
  2. It must be big enough to accommodate us playing two metres apart.
  3. And located within a 100-mile radius of London.
  4. And available from 7.30pm on the following Friday for an 8pm start. We’ll be done by 9pm latest.
  5. Only four people (until the guidelines change) can attend. Plus us makes six in total.
  6. Your neighbours must be flamenco friendly.
  7. In the event of bad weather, we’ll reschedule to the next available day.
  8. Er, that’s it!
Let the nominations commence!


Anonymous said…
I would like to nominate Rachel for home schooling through the COVID 19 outbreak
as its been hard enough this year and think she deserves this.

Rachel has woeked hard and is also making face coverings
AngelLady said…
I’d like to nominate my sister who’s been keeping the veterinary practice, where she’s the only nurse/receptionist, open right through lockdown. She’s personally delivered medication for peoples pets and has been there for owners in need at all times. She has severe anxiety and claustrophobia and was accosted in the supermarket for not wearing a mask when she has a lanyard saying she’s exempt. This would make her day, she’s such a hard worker, oh and she’s made loads of face masks too and kept the village hall secure and clean ❤️
AngelLady said…
I forgot to add, my sister Lesley lives in Bromley, Kent. She’s my hero for everything she’s done during the pandemic and continues to do 💜

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