How to get hold of our music

Some of you have kindly been been asking how to get hold of our music so here's a quick summary.

We've recorded four albums and two EPs. In descending chronological order:
  1. GIG IN YOUR GARDEN - released Feb 2021. Our first proper studio album including tracks we've played during our Gigs In Your Garden for key and frontline workers which began in June 2020. (Track list below - with us in a field!) Here's one easy link with all the ways you can get hold of it.
  2. CHRISTMAS AT HOME - released December 2020. Four seasonal tracks, just on digital platforms but Spotify looks like the easiest place to find it.  
  3. SCREENED - released Nov 2019. Our 'flamenco fusion' arrangements of hits from the movies. (Track list below - with us sitting on directors' chairs.) Buy the CD from this page - see below.* Also on SpotifyAmazon and other digital platforms.
  4. COVERED - released Sept 2018. Our first album of flamenco fusion - classic and modern pop/rock covers with a Latin twist. (Track list for the original CD below - with mono guitar pegs on the left.) It's no longer available as a CD, as we've rerecorded some of the tracks and put them on Gig In Your Garden. But you can find the remaining tracks on Spotify, Amazon and other digital platforms.
  5. SPANISH HARMONIES - August 2017. Five tracks of more traditional flamenco music. (Track list below with us - and cute kid! - walking up steps.) Not on CD but you can hear it on Spotify.  
  6. LATIN MELODIES - July 2015. Our earliest available album is a short collection of Spanish-themed tunes. (Track list below - showing our two guitars in colour.) Buy the CD from this page - see below.* Also on SpotifyApple Music, iTunes and other platforms.

* You can buy LATIN MELODIES and SCREENED right here by clicking on the three lines beside (or above) the DUO logo at the top of our home page. This should reveal a panel that displays a 'Buy our CDs!' tab near the top. Pick one (or both!) from the drop-down menu and your method of delivery (UK or worldwide postage) below it.

Finally, there are some extra tracks on digital platforms that aren't yet available on CD - so worth finding and following us on Spotify if you fancy! 

Any problems at all, just drop us a line at and we'll sort. 

We've got more albums in the pipeline - including one which will include all our own compositions. The easiest way to stay updated is to subscribe to our mailing list.

Many thanks!


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