Our BBC Radio London interview in full!

Well, that was fun! Our full chat about Gig In Your Garden with Dotun Adebayo on BBC Radio London - including the moment our line dropped and the world stood still for about 21 seconds... A guide to Will's hand signals: Flapping hand: 'Kindly talk more slowly so people can understand every syllable of your beautiful accent.' Single index finger, pointing: 'Over to you. Say something brilliant, witty and informative.' Rolling then disco hands: 'You've nailed it in one, now maybe wrap it up before Christmas.' Single index finger, static: 'Signal lost, world about to end, don't panic, step in and save us!' Single finger, then arm tap: 'I've got this - brilliant, witty and informative answer coming right up.' Bear claws, then thumbs up: 'Nailed it again - doesn't get better than this so maybe quit while you're ahead?' NB. Will's iconic one sleeve rolled up T-shirt will be available at our merch stand at future gigs.


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