Hello, Gig In Your Garden info and how to get hold of our new album!

Hello if you're joining us for the first time - and welcome back to old friends!

As some of you will know, we've been playing free gigs in the gardens of key and frontline workers since March 2020 to thank them for all their incredible work during the pandemic. Our new album, 'Gig In Your Garden', featuring 18 of our GIYG tracks, came out on 5 February, with proceeds going to Florence Nightingale Foundation.

We've been streaming our garden gigs live on Facebook and, when we can't play outside, we still play a live 'Gig In Ben's Flat' every Friday night at 8pm. We've done them every week for nearly a year - please join the fun this Friday by clicking here!

To order 'Gig In Your Garden' on CD please click here, find as a digital download here and on Spotify here. To get hold of two of our previous CDs please click here.

To nominate someone who deserves a gig in their garden, please click here.

You can also find and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok - or all five! Here's one handy link that gives you everything in one place.

Finally, here's some official blurb and the album trailer:

"duo’s first studio album featuring 18 exhilarating arrangements of the most popular tracks played during their weekly garden gigs. Including Despacito (Luis Fonsi), Dance Monkey (Tones and I), Viva La Vida (Coldplay), Hysteria (Muse), Once Upon A Time In The West (Ennio Morricone) and Bad Guy (Billie Eilish). The band will be donating 50p from the sale of every CD and 10% of net receipts on digital downloads and streams to Florence Nightingale Foundation which has been supporting nurses and midwives in the UK since 1934. Released on CD and digital on 5 February 2021." (Video credit: Ben Reed.)


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