No Time To Die at GIBF2

Our version of No Time To Die, from the delayed Bond film, recorded at last night’s Gig In Ben’s Flat.

Speaking of which, we heard yesterday that our Gig In Your Garden album has also been delayed - due to manufacturing issues in Europe that are obviously out of our hands - until 5 February. Very frustrating for us all. Apologies to those who’ve kindly ordered it already and were expecting it sooner. We were too. We’ve been assured this will be the last delay and that the date is now set in stone. The good news is that we’ll now be releasing a number of the tracks as digital singles (with videos) in the run up to the album release. So you’ll be able to hear them (on Spotify etc) and certainly see them before we all get our hands on the CD in Feb. And at least it’ll be one early present sorted for Christmas 2021...


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