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Hello, Gig In Your Garden info and how to get hold of our new album!

Hello if you're joining us for the first time - and welcome back to old friends! As some of you will know, we've been playing free gigs in the garden of key and frontline workers since March 2020 to thank them for all their incredible work during the pandemic. Our new album, Gig In Your Garden, which features 18 of our GIYG tracks, is coming out on 5 February 2021. To pre-order the CD now please click here  and pre-save as a digital download  here . Four of the tracks will be released between now and February. You can listen to the first one, Despacito, on Spotify here . To nominate someone who deserves a gig in their garden, please click here . You can also find and follow us on Facebook , Instagram , YouTube or Twitter - or all four! Finally, here's some official blurb and the album trailer: "duo’s first studio album featuring 18 exhilarating arrangements of the most popular tracks played during their weekly garden gigs. Including Despacito (Luis Fonsi), Dance Monke

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How to get hold of our music